When I first moved back to Vernon to be my Mom’s caregiver, I became acutely aware that in the 30 years I had been away from my hometown of Vernon the problem of homelessness had arrived right here as well. To see it spread from downtown, inner city locations like Vancouver and Calgary and other places all across Canada  was heart-breaking and visible right in front of my face in my home town. A friend asked me to be a part of the board at the Upper Room and I did that gladly for a little while. When I was asked to serve on the leadership committee both my husband Roy and myself wanted to help people to see how Christ would make a difference in their lives. I think a key to reaching people for Jesus is to BE REAL…TALK TO STREET PEOPLE THE SAME WAY YOU WOULD TALK TO YOUR FRIENDS. I am glad to be a part of the leadership team and walk with Chuck and the volunteers as they serve here in Vernon.

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