a Bit of a rant

I am trying to stay faithful to developing our web page and al the things that come with building a ministry. Gotta say though sometimes is it a bit of work. It if un learning new things, even when it is a bit of a challenge. One of those learning things happened the other day. I was a meeting of business owners, non profits, faith based, politicians, concerned citizens, police and bylaw. It was a bit of an eye opener. We did a bit of changing tables and talking about different topics. At one table I asked a question of those at my table if they knew about the number of lives lost to homelessness in our community for the past 5 years. Only a couple of people knew, of that and the homeless memorial in our park.  I asked the same question at a another table, the same response. The purpose of the meeting was to try and address the effects the homeless are having on our local businesses. I was saddened by the emotion of fear and anger by some in the room. Fear of the very people I spend my life with. Fear of those very same people who might die because of the consequences of a life of poverty and addiction.

The eye opening part for me was the idea that people expect to just go about their lives and work place without dealing with the needles and excrement outside their place of work. They are right of course, they shouldn’t have to deal with that, theft, or some of the emotional drama that comes with interacting with broken people.

But,  my heart says how can we begin a dialogue of change to opposite ends of the spectrum. This the place to start I think.  Some how I have to find a way to share the love of Christ to both and bring about a change of heart and understanding.

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