Sometime in November I became aware of a contest. At first I thought it was one of those spam emails and I didn’t take it seriously. Then as the week progressed and the interest in this contest began to increase I realized it was the real deal. There were forty or so organizations involved and many of them I knew people who worked there or the organizations themselves. Some very impressive organizations. So then I got serious encouraging family, friends, volunteers and supporters to vote. It got crazy and it got funny and it got serious. Each round I expected to be finished right up to the final round. Then to find out we had won and to be able to share that with so many people from across Canada and even as far as Florida and Mexico was mind blowing. God is good and has surrounded us with a great team of faithful people. I am truly blest beyond words.

Now Fox and Sons have a van that they wrapped and will use in their business and each time that van is used 5% of what that van earns will go towards our ministry. On so many levels that is so cool. The cross, our logo and the fact we can use this to bring a great awareness of the needs of our cities homeless, marginalized and addicted. And we get to use the funds raised to continue to serve our street family. Thank you for that.

How does it work? Call fox and Sons for any of your plumbing and electrical work and ask for the wrapped van or NOCC van and the rest is left up to them.  Thanks again

2023 update. 

What a privilege to be considered for another year.  We receieved a check for 3500 for 2022 and look forward to seeing what the Lord does this coming year.  Thank you to all involved.