There is hope in the darkness

V1 Oh God you are my God, Earnestly I will seek you, my soul thirsts for you and my body longs for you in a dry and weary land. Where there is no water.v2 I have seen you in the Sanctuary, and beheld your power and glory.
Have you ever wondered why David would ever write this Psalm? If you look at his life you find the answer. He was running from his son Absolom. David was having a crisis once again in his life. David, had comitted adultery, murder and now his children were suffering. Ammon his son had raped his sister, Absolom then murdered his brother for this act. Then David banishes his son and has nothing to do with him for a number of years. How does Absolom repay his father? By conspiring to kill him and take over his kingdom. What a family! And I thought mine was bad!
David was desperate. His life was in shambles, nothing was going right and so he runs and hides to get away. Have you ever been depserate? Have you ever been in a place where you wanted to run and hide, Have you ever been in a place where you want to give up, lost hope, or even plan your own death? The purpose in sharing with you today is to tell you that you are not alone. There are many people who are suffering today. Many who have things that are happening that can bring them to point of despair; Job loss, false accusations, heath issues, death, divorce, children who are not living lives that are pure or heathly, there is war and suffering, earthquakes and so much more happening in this world. Yet folks there is hope!
As I traveled though my own journey into night, as I suffered my job loss and abandonment. I thought God had forgotten me, that He was gone and I was alone, unto the point of wanting to give up and quit. To stop the hurt and pain, the sense of failure. I turned my eyes off God and others and wallowed in my pit of despair and licked my wounds.
Yet… As I suffered I became aware of so many others out there who are in their own journey in to the darkenss of their souls. I was lost folks, just plain lost. But there are those who are suffering and are not lost, they were getting through things. How come? What did I find? I found in reading this psalm in V3 David wrote that; Because of God’s love is better than life. that he will praise God as long as he lives. In God’s name he will lift his hands. David got it. He knew his hope was in the Lord. He knew his way out of the darkness was to rest in the Lord and praise Him.
Why am I sharing with you today. Simply because we are not alone. So many people are suffering and hurting. Quietly and silently people are losing hope within the church and without. We need to see that our hope and refuge is in the Lord. Once I turned my eyes off myself and back on to the Lord, I was able to see and feel that I am not alone. The Lord has not left me. He is just waiting for me to catch up. The road we travel is long and at times scarey there are potholes, avalanches, long stretches of straight road, there are mountains and valleys. We all love the mountain tops. They are great, I love seeing the valleys, rocks trees and water. I love seeing the sky, clouds and the vastness of the world. but getting to the bottom where we can’t see anything and it seems tough. It is where we grow, it is where we learn and live. Sometimes it seems so hard because we can’t see whats around the next corner. We get caught up in the day to day of living and the struggles. Then we climb and that is hard to do and sometimes we slip and fall. but the journey is worth the effort and hard work.

Friends, if you are going through a rough time. Just know you are not alone. Know that He loves you and is just waiting for you to come around the next bend. He has the road ready for you. Life is an excellent adventure. I am looking forward to the next bend in my road. I have no idea what it will bring. I just know that with my Lord. its gonna be alright and I have left my journey into darkness and am walking in the Light. Be blest

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